Asparagus Gouda Frittata

I’ve mentioned before how I love make-ahead breakfasts. Asparagus is one of those foods that I hated for a long time, because I did not eat it the proper way.  For the longest time, I only had asparagus out of a can.  It cannot even be called asparagus.  Aspara-disgusting. Fresh asparagus is an entirely different… Continue reading Asparagus Gouda Frittata

Cinnamon-Swirl Banana Loaf

Can I post the recipe I WANTED to make? I wanted the swirl to be a combination of cream cheese (or rather, neufchatel cheese) and cinnamon.  However, when I opened the leftover cream cheese from about two or three weeks ago…the mold growing on it was so vibrant and thriving that I was concerned that… Continue reading Cinnamon-Swirl Banana Loaf

Dark Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, and Walnut-Almond Biscotti {No Added Sugar}

I am not a coffee-drinker. It is a conscious choice, not a natural coincidence.  I am protecting myself from a [delicious?] consuming expensive and potentially unhealthy addiction.   Ok, don’t worry, I do not think coffee-drinkers are bad people, or people who make bad decisions.  I just believe that I could easily become addicted, and… Continue reading Dark Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, and Walnut-Almond Biscotti {No Added Sugar}

BLT Frittata

The name of this recipe is actually misleading. This recipe should be called “BST Frittata” because it contains spinach rather than lettuce, but I have a feeling no one would know what to expect from a recipe called “BST Frittata”. The combination of these ingredients (eggs, bacon, spinach, tomatoes, and a little garlic and onion)… Continue reading BLT Frittata

Healthy Cinnamon Apple Oat Pancakes {No Added Sugar}

Sweet, soft, satisfying, moist, hearty, delicious….healthy? Yes, indeed.  All of those adjectives describe these pancakes.  They manage to deserve all of those adjectives despite not containing any butter, oil, or added sugar. Almond milk, applesauce, vanilla extract, and a generous amount of cinnamon ensure that these pancakes are sweet and delicious despite the lack of… Continue reading Healthy Cinnamon Apple Oat Pancakes {No Added Sugar}

Basil-Dill Egg Muffins

I have never been a procrastinator. However, I believe my planning and working ahead has reached a whole new level.  I have now made breakfast the night before.  No, I am not talking about prepping some french toast casserole bake the night before to pop in the oven the next morning, or something.   (Fortunately,… Continue reading Basil-Dill Egg Muffins

Havarti Dill Omelette

     My omelettes almost always turn into scrambled eggs.     Not this time! The other night I wanted an easy dinner, since I was exhausted after moving all my back to my apartment for the beginning of the spring semester.  Since the apartment was only about 45oF (despite being set on 55oF all… Continue reading Havarti Dill Omelette