Wedding Part V | The Reception

This post will mostly be pictures. We arrived at the reception after taking a few pictures. Almost immediately, we cut the cake. It was delicious. There were cupcakes and other foods for the guests. We went around to try and talk to friends and family. And we got a group photo with about half of… Continue reading Wedding Part V | The Reception

Wedding Part IV | The Ceremony

  When I left off last time, we were hiding out in the library of the church, waiting for the ceremony to start.  One second I was hot gluing a flower back onto my shoe and waiting impatiently for it to be time for the ceremony, and the next it was time to go! Unfortunately,… Continue reading Wedding Part IV | The Ceremony

Wedding Planning II

My bouquet is finished! I made each and every one of those cloth flowers.  Yes, I am proud of myself.  And I am trying to not think too much about how I have to make two more (slightly smaller) bouquets for the bridesmaids. I believe I have also settled on a menu for the reception.… Continue reading Wedding Planning II