Peach Ice Cream

Summer means ice cream.  Peaches mean summertime. So peach ice cream seems to be the perfect thing to make to celebrate the last of summer. This recipe is not at all healthy, but it is simple and fresh tasting if nothing else. The Recipe Ingredients 2 c heavy whipping cream 5 ripe peaches, peeled 1/4… Continue reading Peach Ice Cream

Almond-Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies {Grain-Free}

Is a grain-free diet healthier than grain-full(?) diet? No clue.  But it sure can be tasty! I used this recipe as a guideline.  Really, ingredient-wise I made minimal changes (I decreased the brown sugar and coconut oil, but barely), but I made HUGE changes to the methods.  Honestly, I did so because I did not… Continue reading Almond-Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies {Grain-Free}

Chocolate Mousse Brownies {No Added-Sugar}

I had been intending to make this recipe for over a year. I could not find date paste.  After staring at the almond butters and coconut oils for a very long time, willing them to turn into date paste, an employee asked if she could help me.  Turned out she couldn’t.  No date paste.  And… Continue reading Chocolate Mousse Brownies {No Added-Sugar}

Blackberry Almond Cobbler {No Added Sugar}

I really want it to be summer. Warm weather, sunshine, and fresh berries… At least I can have a few fresh blackberries!  True, this recipe does kind of ruin the “fresh” aspect of fresh blackberries, but oh well.  I bought an extra pack of blackberries simply to enjoy fresh on my morning yogurt or oatmeal.… Continue reading Blackberry Almond Cobbler {No Added Sugar}

Recipe in Progress: Peach Souffle with Wild Raspberries

The idea of this recipe is perfect. After making lovely banana souffles, peach sounded like another great idea.  However, the result was not perfect.  I believe I know what changes I need to make for next time. Peel the peach.  I know, I know, most people probably would have done this in the first place,… Continue reading Recipe in Progress: Peach Souffle with Wild Raspberries

Banana Souffle with Dark Chocolate

The two secrets to indulging in delicious desserts while not being ridiculously unhealthy are to make a terribly bland-but-healthy version or only eat a sliver of the original delicious version. Not this time! These banana souffles come out rather sizable and satisfying, yet have very few calories.  They even have a some nutritious elements from… Continue reading Banana Souffle with Dark Chocolate