Tahini-Miso Slaw

Sometimes you need some help coming up with ideas. I love salads that are packed with vegetables, but sometimes I get stuck in the typical lettuce-cucumber-tomato salad base rut. This recipe proved to be interesting–the cranberries seemed maybe a little toooo interesting.  I did not have any dried cranberries on hand, so I did not… Continue reading Tahini-Miso Slaw

Asparagus Gouda Frittata

I’ve mentioned before how I love make-ahead breakfasts. Asparagus is one of those foods that I hated for a long time, because I did not eat it the proper way.  For the longest time, I only had asparagus out of a can.  It cannot even be called asparagus.  Aspara-disgusting. Fresh asparagus is an entirely different… Continue reading Asparagus Gouda Frittata

Sesame Cabbage Rolls

First there were lettuce wraps. Then cabbage rolls. Actually, I skipped over the lettuce wraps.  I still have not managed to completely pass up bread and opt for lettuce only.  It can’t be as filling as bread, so why bother?  (Ok, ok, I will try it eventually.  I promise.) But if you have a nice… Continue reading Sesame Cabbage Rolls

Dark Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, and Walnut-Almond Biscotti {No Added Sugar}

I am not a coffee-drinker. It is a conscious choice, not a natural coincidence.  I am protecting myself from a [delicious?] consuming expensive and potentially unhealthy addiction.   Ok, don’t worry, I do not think coffee-drinkers are bad people, or people who make bad decisions.  I just believe that I could easily become addicted, and… Continue reading Dark Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, and Walnut-Almond Biscotti {No Added Sugar}

Turkey Pizza Wrap {Packed Lunch Edition}

Adding pepperoni to your sandwich or wrap is a simple way to make your lunch a little more interesting. Using turkey pepperoni sparingly and a lower-carb wrap makes your lunch a little healthier too!  The fresh basil also shines through and adds lots of flavour. So grab these ingredients, wrap it up, pack it, and… Continue reading Turkey Pizza Wrap {Packed Lunch Edition}

BLT Frittata

The name of this recipe is actually misleading. This recipe should be called “BST Frittata” because it contains spinach rather than lettuce, but I have a feeling no one would know what to expect from a recipe called “BST Frittata”. The combination of these ingredients (eggs, bacon, spinach, tomatoes, and a little garlic and onion)… Continue reading BLT Frittata

Apple Turkey Gouda Wrap {Packed Lunch Edition}

Sweet, crisp, soft, gooey, savory. Other than those adjectives, I do not have a whole lot to say about this wrap.  It is a simple, healthy wrap that is delicious and not as ordinary or typical as most wraps.  Crisp apple and chewy cranberries add some sweetness and different texture to the wrap, to contrast… Continue reading Apple Turkey Gouda Wrap {Packed Lunch Edition}