Asparagus Gouda Frittata

I’ve mentioned before how I love make-ahead breakfasts. Asparagus is one of those foods that I hated for a long time, because I did not eat it the proper way.  For the longest time, I only had asparagus out of a can.  It cannot even be called asparagus.  Aspara-disgusting. Fresh asparagus is an entirely different… Continue reading Asparagus Gouda Frittata

Sesame Cabbage Rolls

First there were lettuce wraps. Then cabbage rolls. Actually, I skipped over the lettuce wraps.  I still have not managed to completely pass up bread and opt for lettuce only.  It can’t be as filling as bread, so why bother?  (Ok, ok, I will try it eventually.  I promise.) But if you have a nice… Continue reading Sesame Cabbage Rolls

Cilantro Almond Quinoa

I may be losing my mind. I intended to include chicken in this recipe–chicken marinaded for 2 hours in lime juice, cilantro, basil, and maybe some more seasonings and sauces, and then browned nicely to make them crispier and more flavourful.  Alas, when I opened the freezer, there were no chicken tenderloins or chicken breasts… Continue reading Cilantro Almond Quinoa

Feta Broccoli Tuna Salad

What do you do when you have nothing to eat, little inclination to cook, and you’re hungry already? Make a super simple tuna salad, that’s what! This is almost too easy to be considered a recipe.  There are so many different directions in which this could be taken.   I decided to start out simple,… Continue reading Feta Broccoli Tuna Salad

Pistachio and Sweet Potato Quinoa

I do not know how to pronounce “quinoa”. I have never eaten or cooked with quinoa before this week.  I decided to splurge and take a chance and buy it.  Next, I had to figure out how to cook it, and what to make with it.  Since I had read somewhere that quinoa has a… Continue reading Pistachio and Sweet Potato Quinoa