Sweet Potato Chips

This recipe is still somewhat in progress for me. I managed to get several proper chips out of this, but a fair amount were too thick, and therefore too soft to be chips.  A few others were so thin that they were burnt badly and had to be discarded.  (Or eaten, just to see if… Continue reading Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Asian Salad {Packed Lunch Series}

This salad greatly resembles another Packed Lunch series entry: the Sesame Edamame Salad. This time, I omitted the avocado, and decided to include some sweet potato.  The soft, warm sweet potato balanced out the crunch cabbage and carrot.  The sweetness counteracted the slight tang of the cabbage and rice vinegar in the dressing. I love… Continue reading Sweet Potato Asian Salad {Packed Lunch Series}

Sweet Potato White Chili

I almost did not add the ingredient that made this dish so wonderful. I do not like traditional chili, not being a fan of most tomato-based sauces.  I decided to give white chili a try.  Never having eaten it before, I was unsure of the ingredients.  It seems that chicken, white beans, southwestern seasonings, and… Continue reading Sweet Potato White Chili

Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie II

Dinner of Herbs has existed for a little over a year now. The one year anniversary slipped by barely noticed, hidden amongst the more widely-acknowledged holidays known as “Christmas” and “New Year’s Eve”. Even though the anniversary was barely remembered, this recipe from about a year ago could not be forgotten.  Warm, juicy, savory filling…soft,… Continue reading Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie II

Sweet Potato Biscuits with Whole Wheat

This is one of my favourite recipes. I found this recipe, and I have discovered a few small ways to make it slightly healthier, and to make it easier. First of all, the first time I made these biscuits, I followed the recipe exactly.  The dough was unbelievably sticky.  Kneading it was a complete joke… Continue reading Sweet Potato Biscuits with Whole Wheat

Sweet Potato-Black Bean Salad

Guacamole would be a perfect complement to this dish. Sadly, I had no avocados at my disposal, so I stuck with just the sweet potato and black bean dish. Not only is this dish pleasantly fall-hued, but it is satisfying and tasty too. The lime juice and cilantro keep the dish from becoming too heavy,… Continue reading Sweet Potato-Black Bean Salad

Cilantro Almond Quinoa

I may be losing my mind. I intended to include chicken in this recipe–chicken marinaded for 2 hours in lime juice, cilantro, basil, and maybe some more seasonings and sauces, and then browned nicely to make them crispier and more flavourful.  Alas, when I opened the freezer, there were no chicken tenderloins or chicken breasts… Continue reading Cilantro Almond Quinoa