Steamed Veggie Quesadilla with Basil Aioli

I tend to have little patience for roasting vegetables.  I love roasted vegetables, but I never seem to be patient enough to get them quiiiite done enough. I have found the solution.  Cover them with aluminum foil, and they will never be too hard again!  If you want crispiness, just remove the aluminum foil before… Continue reading Steamed Veggie Quesadilla with Basil Aioli

Turkey Pizza Wrap {Packed Lunch Edition}

Adding pepperoni to your sandwich or wrap is a simple way to make your lunch a little more interesting. Using turkey pepperoni sparingly and a lower-carb wrap makes your lunch a little healthier too!  The fresh basil also shines through and adds lots of flavour. So grab these ingredients, wrap it up, pack it, and… Continue reading Turkey Pizza Wrap {Packed Lunch Edition}

Apple Turkey Gouda Wrap {Packed Lunch Edition}

Sweet, crisp, soft, gooey, savory. Other than those adjectives, I do not have a whole lot to say about this wrap.  It is a simple, healthy wrap that is delicious and not as ordinary or typical as most wraps.  Crisp apple and chewy cranberries add some sweetness and different texture to the wrap, to contrast… Continue reading Apple Turkey Gouda Wrap {Packed Lunch Edition}